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What is a Thingamajig...

A Thingamajig is a photograph of a mysterious object or a city in North Dakota that is connected to Lewis & Clark.  You are challenged to solve the mystery.  A new Thingamajig and the first clue will be posted each Monday.  Additional clues will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday.   The Thingamajig answer will be identified each Friday.


Thingamajig of the Week...

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To Submit Your Guess...

When you think you know what the Thingamajig is, click the Submit Answer button to let us know what it is. You will only be allowed one guess per week.


To Submit a Thingamajig...

You can click on the button below to submit a Thingamajig.  Make sure you include the following:

Monday Clue
Tuesday Clue
Wednesday Clue

How does this object or city relate to Lewis & Clark

Attach any pictures (JPEG format)
Name of group or individual submitting the clues & picture(s)




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