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About Us...

The purpose of this site is to begin development of the North Dakota Lewis & Clark Resource Collection.  The project implementation is guided by the North Dakota Lewis & Clark Resource Coalition, a group of partners committed to bringing the history and valuable learnings of the Lewis & Clark Expedition to the K12 classroom.  

The goal of the Coalition is to gather and coordinate activities and curriculum resources related to the Expedition into a comprehensive and easily accessible collection of history resources that provide enriched educational experiences for K12 teachers and students across North Dakota.  The Resource Collection will be supported through professional development opportunities that will enable educators to expand their content knowledge and allow time for curriculum planning and development.

The collection that evolves will consist of quality, up-to-date resources and materials based on historical and cultural aspects of North Dakota.  Implementation of this project will consist of face-to-face and online professional development opportunities for teachers across the state and development of a growing Resource Collection. 


Grant Project Partners...

Significant partners in this project are those organizations and agencies both inside and outside the state education environment that can provide valuable historical data and current information strategic to planning and maintaining this collection.  Specifically applicable to the Lewis and Clark focus are their links to national and statewide activities, both recreational and educational, that are already being planned by other organizations who wish to make the connection with the nation's classrooms during the Lewis and Clark bicentennial celebration.

  • Washburn School (LEA)

  • EduTech

  • North Dakota Forest Service

  • North Dakota Teacher Center Network

  • ND Council on the Arts

  • ND Indian Affairs Commission

  • ND Department of Public Instruction

  • ND Humanities Council

  • ND Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Foundation

  • State Historical Society of North Dakota

  • National Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

  • National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council




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